At Effective Communicators, we help you become an effective leader and public speaker!

Effective Communicators is a Toastmasters Club registered in Munich, Germany.
Training for future leaders & public speakers

We are an international community in Munich focused on creating a positive and supportive environment for personal growth. Through the Toastmasters Pathways Educational Program, our members have the opportunity to develop valuable leadership and public speaking and skills.

Our members also get to build new connections through the Toastmasters global network, where they have the opportunity to travel to different local and international cities to participate in leadership conferences and speech contests.

What can you learn from our training event?

Immerse yourself in a learn-by-doing environment that allows you to break through the stage fright barrier.


Take on a leadership practicum to become better at influencing and motivating others.


New in town? Become a part of a local community in Munich that share a common desire: Have fun while learning together!

When & Where do we meet?
Want to visit our club? You can discover all about our next club meeting details on EasySpeak.

There is no cost to attend our standard training event as a guest.

If you’re attending our club meeting for the first time, please reach out to us dropping an email at . A dedicated Club Officer will greet you at the start of the training event.

What can you expect at our club meeting?

Our club meeting is both a training and social event that includes inspiring speeches, impromptu speaking activities, and evaluations where speakers receive feedback for ongoing improvement. This is followed by a social networking lunch where we mingle and enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon together.

As our guest, you can participate in an impromptu speaking activity to practice presenting your ideas to a small group, resulting in greater self-confidence and improved speech clarity and articulation.

Below is an outline of our standard club meeting schedule:

10:00 – Opening Address
10:15 – Prepared Speeches from Pathway Educational Program
10:45 – Break
10:55 – Table Topics for Impromptu Speaking Practice
11:15 – Evaluation of Speech Performance (Content: speech development, effectiveness, speech value; Delivery: physical, voice, manner; Language: appropriateness, correctness)
11:45 – Closing Address
12:00 – Lunch & Networking

You will find our meetings are attended by international expats and local German residents because of our commitment to creating a safe environment for developing communication and leadership skills, as well as fostering new multicultural friendships.

Testimonials from our club members

You’ve visited our club. What’s next?

There is no limit to how many times you can come to our club meeting as a guest. We are a non-profit community group and our doors are always open to you.

To fully benefit from the Toastmasters Pathway Educational Program, which offers various leadership and public speaking projects, you may choose to become a paid member. For detailed information, please visit the Toastmasters International website, or speak to one of our club officers during the training event.